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Your thoughts about being fat and people

Read this description slowly to help me and understand what the test is asking!

Welcome to another test of me! It’s a long time ago you saw a test of me. Before this new test starts, I want to create a nickname for all my coming tests, to let you know which other tests I made. It is Chubbyboylover20, I will add this name on every new test I’m going to make! Be honest, nobody (including me) cannot see who answered! So if you think a lot of people will hate your answer, don’t worry, nobody can see that’s you!

Let’s start with the test: I'm quite curious: Would you rather be fat or thin? And what do you think about others? In this test you get questions about what your dream body looks like, and how you feel about other people! Good luck, it won't be very difficult. And if you don't want to answer something, hit the "I don't want to answer this" answer, but your result can not be accurate if you used it a few times.


Welcome to this test! What would you most like to look like?



If you clicked slightly chubby or fatter in the previous question, Where would you most like to see your fat?



Are you fat yourself, and does that matter to you?



If you are fat or you were, would you get fatter?



What is in your opinion most attractive on average across all genders? (Your own body doesn’t count)



Do you think fat people should lose weight? Choose what best suits your opinion. Just answer honest, nobody can see it’s you that answered, even me!



Be honest: would you ever reject someone because of their body type?



If you like fat people, what's the best description of a body for you? Let's just say they're all boys to keep it simple.



Would you like to be underweight instead of being fat? Even if you are not fat right now!



Out of these choices, which test would you like to take first? So which one should I make and share first? I will try to add them as fast as possible! So if you see another test of Chubbyboylover20, it’s me!


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