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denotes an age-restricted test.

shreck - fun at the beach
For those who've wet their pants. - This test aims to find out why, how often, and how recently people have peed in their pants.
how well do you know allaroundaudrey - This shows how well your brain and knowledge is about allaroundaudrey
What superpower do you have? by: Cheezzy - I might be wrong. Nobody's perfect
The lonely guy in the video - Tyler look alike Sawyer
How good are you at pokemon( gallar ) - gotta catch em all
The Denis Daily Quiz! - Welcome to the Denis Daily Quiz! Here you can test how well you know Denis Daily, and how long you have been watching for!
Are you a full metal fan? - How well do you know full metal alchemist?
do YOU have adhd? - if you think you have adhd, this is a good test. remember, there is no single test to tell if you have the disorder.
Free Roblox Account! - If you get 90% or heigher, you get this free account! If the password does not work, that means the person got the account before you.
The Average American Quiz - Answer these questions honostly, and when you're done see how others answered. The answers may suprise you.
Will you escape the night? - In this quiz you will be asked riddles, death questions and some others to determine if you will ESCAPE THE NIGHT
am i fat - i dont think i am, but be honest
Are you me - I have not used many full stops in this quiz cause I don't care
Are we alike? by: Cheezzyburgers - How much do you have in common with your favorite nerdtests creator? One question is obvious!

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