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Are you a boomer - e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e
Are you in a toxic realationship? - How to tell if your realationship is toxic (accurate)
Punish a wild teen - How would you punish an out-of-control teen?
Bee swarm simulator test 2 - Bee swarm simulator
Bee swarm simulator - This quiz is about bee swarm
Please don’t suck - Hard quiz, as hard as dimands
Easy Sqaishey quiz (If u dont no u suck) - Yass Sqaishey is the best
Can you survive a killer? - Can you survive
Does He Like You Back - Want to see if he feels the same way? Take this test to find out!
So You Think You're a Guitarist? - Not only do you need to know how to play, you also have to pay a lot of attention to stuff that really does not make you a better player. That's because learning trivia is easier than practicing.
budget pencil case (and budget band-aid) - Don’t take this if you know what’s good for you
SUPER EASY MATH! - These are randomly generated math questions. Reload the page to generate more!
Punishment Test - How do you need to be punished?
Am I getting fat? - I just want to make sure I am not unhealthly

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