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denotes an age-restricted test.

Am I Fat/Are My Friends Fake - Help me pls I'm so confused
I will make you poop your pants! - How long can you survive without pooping your pants? I bet - not for long!
Is My Friend Fat - Idk if she is soo
am i fat - am pro at quiz mak
Do you need a nappy? - Let's find out if you need a nappy
optical illusions - see your mental health
crush or nah (without gender pronouns) - got bored so i made this. enjoy or dont idc
Magical Diaper Adventure - A fun, fantasy scenario quiz for ABDLs!
can i make you pee? - Can I make you pee? I dunno! Try this quiz and find out!
Am I fat? - FyI im 12 female 193 pounds and 5`1
AM I FAT FOR 12 YEARS OLD BOY - Am i fat, i dont know.
How Well Do You Know Ireland - Just as the title says
Do you need a diaper - Hi this is a test
Does this boy act like he likes you - Does this boy spy on you and act weird around you
Poop and pee big boy pants/dipers - Poop pants and send me the pic

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