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denotes an age-restricted test.

Am I fat/how much should I lose? - I want to know how people perceive me and how much weight I should lose
try not to pee or poop yourself - will you survive? or will you use your pants as your toilet
peeing and pooping in the car - were you unable to hold it on a journey
Am I Really That Fat? - am i chubby like i think i am or am i fat
how well do you know the DreamSMP - How well do you know about minecraft youtubers? are you a real fan? Come and find out
Space Hey Test - gerreggreerggregrereg
among us - Hi every one enjoy this quiz
friday night funkin test - Test about Friday Night Funkin
my singing monsters and minecraft test - Test about Monsters and Minecraft
What type of punishment do you deserve? - Done something wrong? Take this quiz to find out what your punishment will be.
Do you have a terminal illness? - Maybe you do!!!!!
What Warrior Cat Are You? - This test will tell you which Warriors character you are most like.
Royale high quiz! - Do you play royale high here’s the quiz for you!
Gamer Test - see if you are a gamer or a furry
Cootie Quiz - Do you have Cooties?

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