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denotes an age-restricted test.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy quiz! - Easy Peasy Quiz
The dumbest thing is who - you are a dumby
The Test of Tests - I have good quiz making skills lol
How well do you know Miraculous Ladybug? - Have fun i hope
Clothing Preferences test - This test aims to find out what your preferences are in clothing.
Am I chubby? - Hi! I think I am average, but you can see and comment below what you think I am!
Am I fat - Do you think I'm fat
Would you date me? (Girls only, 12-13) - Are you my true love? Find out in this test!
Do you think i'm fat? - This will let me know if im fat.
How much do you know about the Wii - Why is the Wii popular this year
Am I fat lol - I already know I'm fat, I just want to know if I should gain more weight or lose some.
Scrabble test - Are you an expert at scrabble?
Messy wdgy dare - Punishment/dare for extra nerds
ARE YOU COOL AHA??! - i did ur mom, shawty
Are you too fat for me to make you pee? - Do you need d1apers? are you too fat? can i make you pee? are you pregnant? p.s. I'm 4

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