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denotes an age-restricted test.

Want to get fat - I can help you gain :D
Are You A Twin? - Do you think you have a fraternal and/or identical twin? Take this quiz!
How much do you know about the fnaf lore - test your knowledge on the fnaf lore/community
Would i date you - would i date you? shpould i? 11-15 (i am a boy)
Would i date you? Xd - Would i date you..? Do you wanna know? Oh yes im a girl xd And englis is not my first language..sorry xd
You WILL Pee/Poop your pants! - You’ll see lol, read the long description.
Are you gonna wet yourself? :) - Are you gonna pee yourself?
I can make you pee your pants - you will not last the whole test
I can make you poop your pants - Do these challenges and see how long you last
Am I fat for a 16 year old girl (pics) - Tell me if I’m fat! I want to know because I’m scared I am and I want to know the truth:)
don't mess yourself.. - Can you survive one of my tests...?
Random drawing prompts - A quiz with random questions that give you a drawing promt based on what you answered
Magical Gender Bender - This test will ask you questions about a situation involving gender swapping
abdl quiz - are you an abdl
Am I fat or not? - Am I fat or not

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