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denotes an age-restricted test.

How well do you know me? - How well do you know me?
Am I fat? - Please be honest when answering and advise me on what to do in my future
Military Duty - Can you survive WW3? - Will you survive WW3? Or will you die?
Police Duty - Are you a good officer? - Will you be a good officer?
Are you my belly friend - I want to talk with a belly friend
how old are you - i will guess your age
Are you a buffalo? - Are you a buffalo? Let’s find out!
Protection or No Protection? - To Wear them, Or not to wear them!?
Teen Bedwetting - A quiz about what to do when your teen wets the bed.
Do you smell? - are you a smelly baka?
wanna be my belly friend? - i just wanna know people with the same interests as me. :)
How desperate are you to pee? - Can you still hold out for hours, or is your bladder about to burst? Take this quiz to find out!
Am i fat for a 12 years girl? - Am I fat? Quiz.
The Nostalgia Quiz - Filled with memes, shows, movies, and more from different decades!
Do u have a sense of humour - Do you have a good sense of humour or are you like a brick that never laughs?

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