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denotes an age-restricted test.

triple date - "Why are we sitting in a circle in the dark? It's creepy."
The ARJEE test - its a test. read
REALLY HARD miraculous fan quiz 2020 - This test contains spoilers from season 3 of Miraculous. Only TRUE FANS can pass this test! Good luck!
FNAF quiz (1 and 2) - Find out if you are a real FNAF fan
R U properCool? - You think you're soooo cool, do ya? Well, I'll put THAT to the test: the REAL test.
Are you a good babysitter? - Take this test to see if you are a good babysitter!
Are you a true Robloxian? - Are you a true Robloxian? Take this test and find out!
cheryl - Read the long description
How well do you know theodd1sout? - Get off that darn computer machine
How good is your knowledge of football? - Are you good at football! Well, take this test and you'll know!
Are you good at football? - are you god at football?
Best friends with the Jep - Puck and Santana have a baby = A giant bird head
What Ninjago ninja are you? - Find out which of the 6 awesome Ninja you are
How fat am i ? - In this quiz you will be assesing my wight to see whether I am skinny normal plump fat or obese please be honest

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