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Can I make you pee your pants? - I bet I can make you pee yourself! Warming: do not try this test if you are too lazy to clean up after yourself
Warrior Catz Quiz! - What is your warrior cat name? By WhovianParadox
Do you really know Spongebob? - Remember- Spongebob is not a real a sea sponge!
FNAF HARD TEST - Five Nights at freddys
How much do you hate Justin Bieber? - Do you? Take quiz to findss outtsss.!
The Trick Question Quiz - The only quiz that tells you your grade on life! If you are smart, you'll take my test. Can you answer my trick questions?
How well do you know Mario kart? - This is a test about MK
twenty one pilots would you rather 2 - This is the second edition of Would You Rather with Twenty One Pilots!
How well do you grammar and spell? - How well have you learned to use grammar and spelling? Find out now!
Would you survive a Zombie Outbreak? - This test is supposed to see if you could survive a zombie outbreak...and don't doubt that it will will happen...eventually!
Are you the future Mrs. Jonas? - Are you meant to be with one of the Jonas Brothers?
Jacksepticeye Quiz - THE ULTIMATE QUIZ!
Avatar the Last Airbender Quiz - This is an Avatar the Last Airbender Quiz. Have fun when taking this, I'm going to try and stray from the more obvious questions...
Would I date you? (guys only) - Quizzes and quizzes
what is budder - how well do you love budder

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