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denotes an age-restricted test.

Optical Illusion Test - This quiz will test your spatial attention and intelligence.
harry potter - you learn about Harry Potter
DanTDM Quiz! do you know enough?! - Greatness ahead.
how much WOLF is in you? - So, the only reason your taking this test, is too see if your part wolf. This test will tell you that, and if you like it, see Alpha wolf. ENJOY!
Halo I and Halo II - Let's see how smart you are my friend
DanTDM Quiz! - Hopefully, You Succeed. :)
How to know if you actually need glasses - This text is how to tell if you really need glasses!! Hope you enjoy!!
Help! I'm stuck in my Ipad! - I'm stuck in my Ipad and you need to save me!
are you a friend to the CreepyPastas? - prove yourself, are you sure?
I can make you pee your pants - I bet i will make you pee yourself! Take this test to see if I'm right)
how well do you know zombies - how well do you know zombies?
bestest ever random - are you random......or
Will you survive the zombie apocalypse - This test determines wether you will survive or not
Are you a big Minecrafter? - How of a big Minecrafter are you? Answer the questions below and see
Does she like you? - This test will help anyone who wants to know if that special girl likes them!

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