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denotes an age-restricted test.

are you stampys biggest fan? - how well do you know stampy? (warning hard)
Do you know spongebob - Are you a spongebob fanboy?
How insane are you? - Name says it all. Any questions?
Warrior Cats Mega Quiz! - Do you know your Warrior Cats? Take this quiz to see!
Who-ology - Which Doctor Who villain are YOU?
do u get visions like me? - have u ever seen a vision of one of ur fears or worries? have u ever seen a vision before ? let's see if ur like me
Would I date you?(boys only) - Here is a little about myself: I have dark brown hair, hazel eyes, I love sports and video games, I'm 13 years old, and I'm kinda shy. Good luck
Are you a Pro at Minecraft? - Are you a true Minecraft Pro at Minecraft?Are you up for the quiz?
Are you worthy of Club Penguin? - Let's do this, are you ready?
Growtopia Quiz (Sept. 2015) - Just a test to test your knowledge on Growtopia.
Does she like you? (C 2015 Andorek) - Do you want to know if your crush likes you? Take this test to find out!
Are you a good friend? - You know you're friends are good to you, but are you good to them?
Are you a nerd test fan? - are you a nerd test fan? take this test and find out!
How well do you know your dog? - The truth about your dog.
depression -.- - have u been acting different lately? very upset, not being yourself at all. well you might have depression. click here now.

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