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denotes an age-restricted test.

would i date you? (boys only) - im 13, 153 centimeters, light brown hair and eyes, i like my little pony, anime and videogames (i also like pewdiepie)
Would I Date You? (11-13 girls only) - Would I date you?
zombie survival - are YOU fit enough to survive when they attack. or will you perish at the sight of blood and gore.
How well do u know youtubers - Do u know ur youtubers
what jedi rank are you?!!! - how much do YOU know about the jedi order?
Do you know Minecraft well? - This test will tell you how smart you are in Minecraft
Would i go out with you (girls) - Could we make a good couple
Are You A Great Leader? - Are you a great leader or a stinker?
How Well Do You Know That Youtube Family - Find out how well you know that youtube family!
How Well Do U Know DanTDM? - An epic quiz about how well u know DanTDM
DanTDM Quiz - If you love DanTDM, then take this test to see how much you know
Are u as random as... OMG flying pig!!! - Test to see if you're as randomness-filled as MEEEEE!!!
Are you a true PC gamer? - Are you a true PC gamer? Find out in this test!
How well do you know Kenan and Kel? - This test will see how much you know about Kenan and Kel.
Is Star Wars your life? - Well Is Star Wars All You Think About? take this great test to find out if it is!

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