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200% Real Vampire Test - You will be asked around 40 questions that may confirm that you are a vampire or might be
Are You Weird Test (VERY accurate) - Test exactly how weird you really are :P
CrazyCreative Writer - Are you a crazy, out-of-the-box writer?
Mega DanTDM Fan Quiz - 'This test was made in 2016
You Got Stamina? - How long can you last in bed?
do you know five nights at freddy's - to prove your fnaf skills
do you popularmmos - how well do you know popularmmos
How well you know Stampy? - Try do your best.
The BOSS Quiz!!!! - How well do know the best boss of all time? (Answer: Very!) If not why did you click on this test?
Are you a werewolf or vampire? - This test tells you if your a vampire or. Werewolf?
Will Girls Like Me? - This is a rough test to see whether girls will find you attractive or not based on appearance, decision making and personality.
Are you an actual Brony? - Makes sure if you are an actual Brony
Would You Survive A Zombie Outbreak ? - A very detailed zombie outbreak quiz. Will you survive?
Harry Potter Quiz - A challenging test for all Harry Potter fans!!
Are You A Good Babysitter - Take this test to find out

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