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denotes an age-restricted test.

Stampy quiz - Are you a stampy super fan?
Popularity Quiz - not only does this tell you how popular you are but how your future is to come
have you read wimpy kid 5? - this wimpy kid test, tests on how well you know diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth
Take this if you have to pee REALLY bad - Do you have to pee? I know I do. Take this to find out how bad you do! I bet you won't make it to the end... :P
How well do you know Vocaloid? - NAME THAT VOCALOID!
Z-Day Survival Test - Think you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?
Randomness Quiz - HAHA...AHAHAHAHAHAHAH *coughing noises*
How well do you know Aphmau's Roleplays? - This is a quiz/test to test your knowledge on Aphmau and her Roleplays. Let's see if you've been paying attention..
r u a Longhorn - R U a real Longhorn fan?
Would you survive as me!! - Would u survive being me
would you survive the zombies?! - would you have a chance to live from the eating zobies?! then take the test !!!!
Is He Your Romeo? - Find out if he likes you. :)
Can you survive The Purge!!?? - Hi take me and see if you'll survive the annual purge
How well do you know Make It Pop? - Do you know Make It Pop?
would we date (boys only) 11-13 - I have brown hair brown eyes my hair is down mid way of my back i love cheerleading and are you my perfect boyfriend

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