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denotes an age-restricted test.

Are you good at Minecraft? - Are you good at Minecraft?Take this test to determine if you know Minecraft.
Are You A Great Babysitter? - Find out if your the best for this test
Would I date you. - Would I, an athletic/stylish 13 year old girl, date you.
Are you a death note fan? - This ultimate death note fan test shows how much you know about the one and only greatest #1 Anime ever , DEATH NOTE !!!
Assassin Order - Answer the questions about the Assassin's Creed series ...(Warning:This test may contains Black Flag questions too SPOILER ALERT) THIS TEST MADE BY BERKAY CAGDAS ULGER
What Type Of Wolf Are You? - Answer the following questions to find out what kind of wolf lives inside of you!
Are you a rainbow biscuit??? - See if you are a rainbow biscuit.
R u random??? (i am) - Find out how random you are! TAKE MY TEST NOW!!!!!
How well do you know Mortal Kombat? - Just to see how much you know about the MK series
Zombie Quiz - find out if you chould survive a zombie apacolipse
all about naruto - difficult naruto test
Ninja - Are you a ninja?
Adult baby or real baby? - This test shows wether you are an adult baby or a real baby.
The TDM test - It is a test for TDM
Would I Date You? (Bi/G4y Girls Only) - Take this test it you are a young teen girl who likes young teen girls and want to see if I will date you.

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