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Legend of Zelda Quiz - Basic Zelda questions
Trek Captain - Which Star Trek Captain Are You?
Are you Dirty or Clean - Quick,fun, and easy.
Five Nights at Freddy's Quiz - Welcome to the FNAF test, do you think you will get a good score?
Dantdm - Love Dantdm he is a amazing you tuber.
John Cena - How much do you know about John Cena? Take this test and find out.
How well do you know stampylonghead - Have fun! Guess them all right!
The 1000000th random quiz - Criken2, Kilplixsm. Best ppl on utoob. just sayin. :U
Do you 1D Member Zayn Malik? - How well do you know Zayn all the way Malik from 1D
Will you survive a zombie apocalypse? - Will you survive a zombie apocalypse, an army of 463344 zombies?
epic zombie test - Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
Queen Fan Test - This a cool test to see if you know Queen.
Are you a good friend? - Take the test and see your friendship status
am i jb's #1 fan - are you justin bieber's #1 fan ,find out here
How Conservative Are You? - This is a version of a test put together by "progressives" with the same questions, but biased in the opposite direction

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