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denotes an age-restricted test.

Which Candy are you? - Which Candy are you?
PopularMMOS test - A PopularMMOS quiz
Nerd or Popular - Just plz take Quiz!
Are you an Animal Jammer? - Take this quiz to find if you know when youre a jammer or not!
The worst quiz in the world - This quiz is terrible.
popularmmos lover? - do u like popularmmos?
Do you really think you know DANTDM - THIS TEST IS AWSOME!!! DANTDM RULES
how well you know popularmmos - how well you know popularmmos
How much do you know Teen Titans? - This test will test you on how much you know the original Teen Titans,not Teen Titans Go!
Attack On Titan Quiz - Well here is a quiz on Attack on Titan so...... :D
could we be bffs - this test will show if we are alike and if co we could be bffs
The Cat Test - Try this quiz to see which type of cat you are. =^w^=
Friendliness Test - this test is to see how freindly you are
Aphmau - Do you really know Aphamu? Find out with this quiz!

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