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The Reading Quiz - Find out if u like to read!
Would I like you?!? (Boys Only :P) - Would I like/Date You? BOYS ONLY (13-16)
will my boyfriend breakup with me - find out if your boyfriend will ever breakup with you
What's Your Elemental Power? - What power do you wield in your palms? Fire? Water? Earth? or Air?
Harpers island quiz - How well do you know harpers island
Are you a Noob? - This test should tell you if you are a Noob or not by checking how much you know.
Are you a Chickensmoothie Addict? - Are you addicted to CS? Find out now!
How well Do You Know Crainer? - Hi Guys THIS IS A QUIZ
Could you be my boyfriend? - i was bored so ya (boys only)
Is your house haunted????? - see if your house is haunted
Nappy - Are you a cloth nappy addict or would you rather just use and dispose??
How well do you know Aphmau - Are you a aphmau fan?
w2s Quiz - It is a quiz about w2s
the advanced naruto - this test not easy so be prepared
Are you awesome? - Take this awesome basic test to figure out if your awesome!!!!!

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