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denotes an age-restricted test.

Do you know Minecraft? - Good luck with the test
How well do you know Ella Eyre - A 10 Question Quiz on Ella Eyre
Do you like being fat? (For boy teens) - Find out do you like being and fat people! (I have no idea why this is age restricted it has nothing bad in it)
could you and your bffl be lez together - this test can tell you if you and your bffl are lez togather. FOR GIRLS, dose not matter what age, so if you wanna no try it out
Sky army test - We you a true sky fan
fiend - R u an evil fiend??or a nice person??
What is your warrior cat name? - Hey warrior cats are awesome. This test will tell you your warrior name, Clan, mate, kits and rank! Hae fun :D
What is YOUR Future Job? - Complete This Test To Determine Your Future Occupation!
Star wars test od doom - Good luck and hope you win!
Does he like you - A fun test to show his feelings
Pokemon ultimate test - Are you a Pokemon master? Find out in this quiz
What faction are you in Divergent - See what faction you are in, in Divergent
what are you (random quiz) - a random quiz :D
Fallout Fan Test - test on fallout
Would You Fall For An Angel or A Vampire - It is a dark and stormy night...

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