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denotes an age-restricted test.

Ringwraith - Art thou hounded by ringwraiths? find out- they may come soon...
What Warrior Are You? (Warrior Cats Quiz - This is just a test for warrior cats lovers! Good luck, warriors! :P
How well do you know Mario kart? - This is a test about MK
Would you make a good warrior cat? - Are you a warrior
Does he like you (girls only) - you will love it
do you love him? - this test is to tell weather or not you love that one special person
Would I date you? ( Boys Only) - Are you my perfect guy?
Amazingphil quiz - Are you a true phillion?
Is Your Crush/BF the Real Deal? - Are you unsure of your love (or lack of) for your crush? Are you at a crossroads as to knowing whether or not you are in love with HIM? Well, take this quiz to find out if this love is fake or real!
Will you survive the hunger games - In the battle at the arena, faced with enimies from all over Panem, will you survive? May the odds be ever in your favour.
WOULD YOU RATHER IV ( for moondarkwolf ) - this test is a would you rather test. this is a re make of moondarkwolf's would you rather III. so i took moondarkwolf's test, they said to keep it going to them to make another 1 so here it is.
Are you a true Moonwalker (MJ fan)? - Are you a true moonwalker? Find out!
Does he/she like you back? - Does he/her, like you back????
Smoker - What kind of smoker are you?

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