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denotes an age-restricted test.

just how random are you - YEAH 15 LETTERS!!!!
Do you really know EXO-M? - Test if you know about this handsome boys
So you think you know Spongebob? - So, you think you know Spongebob d'ya? Let's test that shall we? ;)
Is your fantasy OC cliche? (females only - For fantasy characters
How well do you know about kpop? - How well do you know about kpop? Take this quiz to find out.
dumb - take this test to see is you are dumb.
Is u as cool as Koolaid - Oh just go away or take this quiz or leave me alone! Oh, sorry mother! Please take this quiz mommy...
How well do you know the Hunger Games?#1 - This test is all about the Hunger Games Book #1 NOT THE MOVIE
Who is your 1D soulmate? - Which member of one direction are you destined to be with?
How well do you know Ruby Rube - I HART RUBY RUBE
Can I make you smile? - Happiness is love happiness is life
Are you a Melanie Martinez Fan? - Are you a fan or a fake. Take this test to see how much you really love Melanie Martinez. <3
Are you a true unicorn? - Are YOU a unicorn?
my butts pretty - are you a random person?
Are you a TRUE friend??? - Are yu REALLY as good of a BFF as yu think yu are? Or could yu do better

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