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denotes an age-restricted test.

Annoying - This test is to see if your annoying.
Do you play minecraft ? prove it ! - This is a 10 question test about ... MINECRAFT .Prove to me that you play minecraft by answering the questions below ! GOOD LUCK BRAH
Do you really think you know DANTDM - THIS TEST IS AWSOME!!! DANTDM RULES
VanossGaming Test - How much do you know about this YouTuber?
Futurama Personality Test - My 27th test! Find out which Futurama character you are!
IHasCupquake Quiz - See how well you know IHasCupquake ( the most awesomeist youtuber and person of all time and space )
Are you a vampire - are you a vampire or not there is an easter egg in this!
Could you be my twin? - Could you be my twin?
Jacksepticeye quiz - Test your knowlege to beat the jacksepticeye quiz
Are you a Hootowl? - A Hootowl is a fan of Owl City
VINCIEs Zombie Survival Test - Will you survive the Zombie Outbreak.
Metallica - How Much Do You Know?
National Flags - How well do you know the flags of the world?
How well do you know minecraft? - This is a minecraft test.

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