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How popular are you? - Are you a complete social wannabe? Or is what a got a true popularity? Find out by taking my test.
How well do u know stampylonghead - This is a quiz on stampy if u don't know who that is than why r u here
are you a tree-hugger - see if you love nature
mentally strange - Kewl, and boring.....
Are you a girly girl - Sports or make up? This test decides what your personality really is
Minecraft crafting quiz - Test your crafting HERE! There is seven ranks starting from lowest: dirt, cobblestone, coal, iron, redstone, gold, diamond. GOOD LUCK!
Are you directioners? - This test make you know are you directioners?
Random test 2 - r u r@ndom
How well do you know YouTubers? - Test about random YouTubers.
Do you like trains? - I LIKE TRAINS I LIKE TRAINS
Predtech - Which item of Predator weaponry suits you?
Are you Pretty? - to see if your are pretty
dantdm - i love dantdm hes amazing
Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? - How well would you do in a zombie apocalypse?
Jacksepticeye Quiz - Jacksepticeye The BOSS

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