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denotes an age-restricted test.

The Ninja Test - If you think your a ninja you should try this test
Are you sex crazy - Are you sex crazy
are you a hunger games uber fan? - see if you are an uber fan of the hunger games trilogy! (if you havent read the hunger games,catching fire,or mockingjay you probably shouldnt take this-unless you have weird mind powers!)
Are you a true Minecraft player? - Are you a true Minecraft player
How Well Do You Know Gravity Falls - How well do you know Gravity Falls, the amazing Disney TV show? Find out here.
Are you strange? - Strange or Sensible? This test tells you if you are Seriously Strange or Seriously Sensible. You know...
Do you know DanTDM? - Do you know Dan?
When will he kiss you? - tells you if your crush or guy bestie is crushing on you
Do you know can your pet? - How well do you know can your pet?
Could We Date? (girls only 10-12) - this will determine if we might date!...
Deadpools quiz - Come on do you rlly know about this ?💀💩l take the test and find out
How much do you like to wet yourself? - Have you ever wondered what it was like to pee your pants, wet your bed, and/or wet and/or wear a diaper? Not sure how much you actually want it? Find out here how much you really like to wet yourself
Are You Really A Minecraft Lover? - This Test will Decide if you really are a Minecraft Character!
Do you know LDShadowLady? - Do you know LDShadowLady?
Will you survive a bloodbath? - Will you survive a zombie, alien, or human invasion in your homeland?

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