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How well do you know samgladiator - Try this to find the real fans!
Do you Imagine Names like Me? - Just be honest and see how you usually imagine names! Makes you think hard, good brain exercise.
U going to date a hottie?(anyone 14-17) - If you score well, I'll give you my email
Does he like you (girls only) - Let's see if you think you love him
a zombie survival story will u make it - zombies from the very start
Are you an animal jam pro - Find out if you know your animal jam!
Star Wars Adventure: Destroy Death Star - Ultimate Star Wars Adventure (Part 5!; READ LONG DESCRIPTION))
If you were or are a mermaid.... - Design or tell what you would look like if you were/are a mermaid
What Type of Wolf are You? - What Type of Wolf are You?.... Take This Test and Find Out!
ccna1 - 123451234512345
Do you have more than 10 friends? - If you have more than ten friends then you will score more than 50%
Are you my twin? - Are you MY twin??
Boxers or Briefs? - Should you wear boxers or briefs? Boys only.
Are you pretty - Are you pretty on the inside or the outside. Since then is just a quiz dont worry, if u get a bad result you must have clicked something wrong cause u r all beautiful
how much do you love 1D - test how much you know about the boys :)

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