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denotes an age-restricted test.

How good are you at running away? - This is a test fro you to find out how good you are at running away, in case you didn't know already.
Age of your last accident - This test will record the age at which you last wet your pants accidentally.
How Crazy Are You - How crazy are you really? Be smart and answer honestly...we dont want any misconceptions.
am i fat and unhealthy - am i fat just want to know
I will make you pee(probably) - i will make you pee your pants
Hard Skyrim Quiz - Only true skyrim fans will beat this quiz (and me!!)
Do you really know NERF? - NERFFFFFFFFFFFF
How Well DO You Know Movies?? - Hola vale como le va?
Laura’s Lard-filled Life - Enjoy Laura’s lardassed luxury!
ted misby - um tfft ted is an aRChitEct
Would we make a good couple - Just to see lol idea
Spoilerr - Don't pay attention to the title, this does not contain spoilers
Boo ba the hobgoblin - Find out what booba is, why he isn't for kids, and more!

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