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Does it tickle???

How ticklish are you? Take this quiz and find out if these situations tickle you.


A girl comes up to you with a feather boa and drags it softly across your stomach. Does it tickle?



You are lying naked in your bed. 2 girls have tied you up and tickle you all over with ostrich feather dusters. Does it tickle?



A girl is laying in bed with you. She's taken the thick, soft fur off the hood of her coat and tickles your underarms with it. Does it tickle?



Now 2 of her friends come in and ticket your feet and stomach with electric feather dusters. Does it tickle



You are laying down and a girl starts to circle your belly button with a makeup brush. Does it tickle?



3 girls enter with three feather boas and tickle your feet, stomach and underarms. Does it tickle?



4 girls come in with the thick fur off their coat hoods. Two tickle your feet and the other 2 tickle your underarms/ribs. Does it tickle?



Two girls come in and spider tickle your feet with their long nails. Does it tickle?



Your getting gang tickled by 5 girls. Does it tickle?



Now the girls bring out feathery tools. 2 take electric dusters toy your feet. Two take boas and floss your underarms with them. The final girl has an ostrich feather duster and is dancing it over your stomach. Does it tickle?


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