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can you hold your pee?

i hope in this test you will have fun. if you fall at this test feel free to e,ail me at masonclimbs02@gmail.com ( if you do email me please include a photo of your wet pants


how bad do you need to pee?



go and get one cup of water, finish it in 2 minute then move on to the next question



ok now put a belt on but get it as tight as you can then do a split or as close to a split as you can get



now if you still have not peed take every piece of clothing off you and stand over carpet for 10 minutes



Just imagine your crush... you know, naked, for 3 minutes and relize your hole body. how do you feel now?



read the sign... and you?



now go online and read 15 different funny stories..did you?



now let your self start to pee but before it comes out stop your self



almost done with this quiz do you still need to pee?



this is the last thing......go put on your best underware exspize/favorite now put on your smallest pants and a supper tight belt...now relize all of body and let a drop or two of pee out now how wet are your pants



ok you can now go pee all you have to do is take off your pants and go sit on the toilet in your nicest underwear and pee


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