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denotes an age-restricted test.

How many kids could you fight? - Would you be able to defeat 20 kids or even more before they fight back? Click here!
The spanking test - There are a lot of spanking tests on here, but this is the ultimate one. Found out if you truly need to be spanked. ANSWER HONESTLY. DONT LIE.
How much of a sissyslut are you - A tests for you to see if you belong on your knees in panties or standing up in front of those on their knees
Humiliation punishment generator - This quiz will give u the perfect punishment for what you’ve done
Official Fallout 3 G.O.A.T Test - The Official GOAT test from Fallout 3 made by xXCustomGamerHDXx
Is your belly bigger than.. - See how big your belly is
Which w e d g i e do you deserve? - In which way should your underwear be pulled? Boys only.
Try not to mess yourself - Desperation - Have to go? Are you in need of a toilet? Then try this quiz! Be warned though; you might leave with a mess in your pants...
I can make you poop your pants - Do these challenges and see how long you last
Should you still wear diapers? - Are you sufficiently toilet trained?
Are you a sissyslut cumdump - A test to see how well your training is working and how much of a sissyslut you are
Are you truly potty trained? - This test will tell you, 100% accurately, if you are potty trained
should i gain weight? - i am a skinny boy but i want to get bigger so girls will like me
What punishment do you deserve? - This will tell you what punishment you deserve, it could be a fine punishment (you always get a punishment) or to the DEATH Becareful and don't lie , the police are on the way....
Should you really be wearing underwear? - This moderate length test will determine if you need to be wearing underwear or maybe something with a bit more protection against those "accidents."

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