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denotes an age-restricted test.

How many kids could you fight? - Would you be able to defeat 20 kids or even more before they fight back? Click here!
What is your little age? - This test will try to aproximatly determine the age of the little inside your heart.
Who is Your Waifu - Don't take this too seriously
Optical Illusion Quiz - Think your mind is a steal core? Bet you're wrong, some of these are really hard!
Free robux if ou get over 50% - Hi Hope You Enjoy This
Should you be in diapers? - Should you be in diapers?
how to know if a boy likes you QUIZ - does he really like me , it can be your best friend , just your friend or not even your friend but you just want to know well here is one special quiz just for you
Do you need bedwetting diapers? - this test will see if you need dipers for bedwetting. This test is nearly 100% medically and mentaly accurate so remember to seriously consider what it says.
Are you a crossdresser - Tes to tell you if you are a crossdresser, or nahh, or whether you shoukd or nahh
The spanking test - There are a lot of spanking tests on here, but this is the ultimate one. Found out if you truly need to be spanked. ANSWER HONESTLY. DONT LIE.
Which Attack on Titan character are you? - A quiz on Attack on Titan!
Can you tell BTS apart? - Do you know BTS well enough to tell them apart?
Medieval 2 total war faction Quiz - What faction in Medieval II total war are you?
Should you still wear diapers? - Are you sufficiently toilet trained?
Which Miraculous Do You Deserve? - Which Miraculous Do YOU Deserve?

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