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~Let's Soil Your Pants, Together~

Do you need to pee? Do you need to poo? Either is fine, both is better! By the time this "quiz" is over, you won't need to do either. You might need a change, though, and maybe a mop. This is less of a quiz, and more of a little game. So make sure you need to go exactly in whichever ways you want, maybe get a diaper on, and get ready to have some fun <3


We're going to start off just by talking a little bit. I know, I know: you want to get to the fun stuff. But foreplay's important too, so buckle in and try not to go yet, okay?

When was the last time you remember wetting yourself? While you were asleep or awake, on purpose or by accident, anything and everything counts.



Almost everyone's got a wetting story. But do you remember when the last time you messed yourself was?



Now, let's talk about the present. What kind of underwear are you wearing?



Now, let's get started for real, okay? Stand up and walk around for a minute. Just go in a circle, to get everything moving down there.



Now, do your best to *almost*, but not quite, pee. Push, but not too hard! Keep it up for thirty seconds, or until you think you're about to pee.



Now, sit yourself down on the toilet. If you're wearing pants, a dress, a skirt, or anything else like that, keep it on for now. Then give a good, strong push for about five seconds. Don't push for too long! Once you're done, push again for five more seconds.



If you're wearing clothes, now's a good time to take them off.

Now let's get into a squat. Go down as far as you can, and press a hand to your stomach. Move it around, and try to find where your bladder and bowels are. You'll know where it is when doing a little circular rubbing motion makes your belly gurgle and your control waver. Rub your tummy like that a couple times, until you're sure you've stirred things up down there.



Now, get down on your hands and knees. Before we can keep going, you're going to need to fart. Just once, but make it a good one, okay? You can do whatever you need to in order to fart, as long as you stay kneeling.



Stay on your hands and knees. Then, leaning forwards, push as hard as you can, in both ways. Really, really try to answer mommy nature's call for, let's say, thirty seconds. Maybe a minute. Whatever makes you come really, *really* close to losing it.

Or maybe even whatever pushes you past that point~



Now, one more time. Stand up and walk around. Stretch, take a breath. If you've already gone, then let everything else out as you feel like it. If you haven't, then as you walk, I want you to count to ten. When you reach ten, give a big push! If you're still clean, then keep walking, counting, and pushing until you think you're ready to stop, or until you've let it out.



And there we are! I hope you had fun with this little game. Tell me, how are you feeling? How are your undies doing~?


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