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Bladder scneario poll

Just complete this silly quiz! If you have to pee while finishing it I recommend using it before you take it.


You're sitting in your fluffy comfy chair playing video games when you have to pee very bad. You do not want to get out of your seat. What do you do?



You are waiting for an interviewer and you need to pee so bad you are about to explode. He/she is coming soon. What do you do?



In the middle of the night you wake up and have to pee, the bathroom door is locked and occupied by someone and it seems like it'll be a while before they get out. What do you do?



You're sitting on the couch and have to pee so bad you are squirming around just to hold it in. You can't help but pee a little to reduce the pressure. Would you be able to stop?



You are all alone at the park walking down a trail. You have had to pee for quite a while. What do you do?



You're in the bathtub enjoying a nice bath, not wanting to leave the warmth. Suddenly, you get the tingle. What do you do?



You're driving just yards away from your home. You are with a full bladder ready to burst at any milisecond. What do you do?



You're jumping on a trampoline with friends shaking your already aching bladder. You only have seconds. What will you do?



Someone is taking a shower and they've locked the bathroom door! You have to pee while watching Television on the couch! What will you do?



You are in the passenger seat alone with a full bladder urgently needing to be emptied. The driver won't be back for a while. You have NO choice but to pee in the car. What will you do?



You are on the beach enjoying the nice sun. The rushing waves of the water make you want to pee so bad. You try holding it for as long as you can but you cannot. What will you do?



You just got out of the shower and have to pee really bad. (Even if you peed while in the shower) What would you normally do?



Did you actually have to pee while taking this test? (Does not count towards you score)


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