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Am I getting fat? (with pictures)

Before the holiday season, I was fairly thin. I haven't weighed myself in a while but I feel that may no longer be the case. I'm looking for honest answers! I promise I won't get offended.


This is my torso from the front, would you consider me...(ALSO: nertests does not like it when I say the word ch**by, for whatever reason. So I will be censoring it, but know that that is what I mean).



This is me from the back. I am...



This is me standing to the side. I am...



Based on the last three images, I have a follow up question: do I have a "muffin top" or whatever it's called?



This is me pinching the fat on my stomach. I am...



Sorry if this is getting repetitive, but this is me sitting down, with a straight back.



This is me sitting, from the side.



I am 5 ft 6 in, what would you guess that my weight was? (one of these is correct, and a reference, 155 is medically overweight for the height that I listed).



To finish up, overall, I am...



Filler question!


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