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How desperately do you have to pee?

This test will tell you exactly how badly you have to pee right now, as well as testing the limits of your bladder. However, if you already have to go pretty badly you just might end up peeing yourself before you make it to the end, so get a towel ready and enjoy!


Welcome to the quiz designed to test & torment your bladder! Let's start with some basic info: What is your gender?



Alright, now just how strong do you feel your bladder is in general?



Are you in a situation where you could use the bathroom if you chose to?



Last setup question now, how much have you had to drink today?



Alright, let's get into it for real now! How badly do you feel like you have to go right now? (If you wet yourself at any point during the quiz, just pick the final option on every question.)



Push down hard on your bladder once, how did that feel?



Now then, stand up straight, close your eyes and imagine peeing into a toilet for 10 seconds. How does that make you feel?



What are you doing to hold it in right now?



Let yourself pee, but just for one second. Did you manage to stop it?



You're over halfway done with the tasks now, so tell me how much longer can you wait?



If you can, get a bottle or glass of water and pour it out slowly in front of yourself. If not, listen to the sounds of running water for 30 seconds.



Push your bladder against a surface (desk, chair, shelf etc). How did that feel?



Squat down as low as you can and let another little spurt out.



You're nearly at the end now, but keep holding it! Now spread your legs out and stretch your hands as far as you can above your head.



Okay, final task now: Spread your legs and stop everything you're doing to hold it in for 10 seconds, then do 5 squats and to finish it off, squat down low and push on your bladder 5 times.



Okay, we're done with the tests now! How's that bladder of yours holding up?



Aaaand there we go, quiz over! Ready for your results?


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