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Try not to mess yourself - Desperation

Hi! Welcome to my quiz. As the title may have implied, I am going to challenge how well you can hold your poop in. The goal is to simply just prevent yourself from losing it. I will test you in all sorts of ways, including physical challenges, and reading things that are proven to make the need to go increase. You'd probably want to take this quiz alone, especially if you are embarrassed to have an accident in front of someone else. Also, make sure you need to go before taking, and don't take your pants/underwear off unless stated.
Have fun and be warned; most will leave this quiz in soiled underwear!
If that sounds uncomfortable to you, feel free to leave at any point.


First things first. How much do you need to go?



If your need to go was less than 3, then go eat something that makes your bowels move. Don't eat if it will make you sick, and try to eat healthy. Wait about 20 minutes and then come back to the test. If you are bored, try reading some stuff online. Maybe take some other quizzes in the background.



If there is a toilet available right now, I want you to go and sit down on it with your pants/underwear still on for 2 minutes. Just relax and think about how relieving it would be to let go. Don't fight the urge. If a toilet is not available, just relax and imagine the same thing.



Try massaging around your stomach 10 times for about 5 seconds each. This has been proven to stimulate the need to go #2.



Now, time for some imagination. I want you to imagine yourself being very desperate to go number 2. You can feel the poop touching the cloth of your underwear, and if you relaxed, you would have an accident. To your dismay, there is no bathroom nearby. You try your best to hold it in despite all the odds. Eventually, no matter how hard you try to hold it, your body decides to give in and relieve itself, pushing a firm, warm, squishy mess in the seat of your underwear. You can feel your underwear start to bulge and get heavier as the mess enters. It's quite obvious what happened due to the brown lump and the smell. Although somewhat embarrassed, you like the feeling. The relief is amazing after waiting so long. You're not really sure why you put effort into holding it in the first place. Sitting on it feels rather messy and squishy. You decided to clean up and shower because of how messy it is. Did this do anything?



Put yourself on the edge of the toilet seat and really push for 15 seconds. If you still aren't on the toilet, just find another flat surface to sit on and push.



Stay on the middle of the toilet where you usually go and push lightly for 5 seconds. If you still don't have access to a toilet, sit in a squatting position similar to it and do the same thing.



Take a look back at question #2 (lol that was 100% unintentional, I promise.) If your need to go is less than 5, have a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. Sometimes this helps to get the bowels moving more. If you're impatient, you can skip this if you really want.



Brace yourself. These next challenges are going to be pretty tough.



Here starts the first challenge. I want you to do 10 squats (or however much you are physically capable of.) You are free to hold it, and you can take short breaks if you are about to lose it.



Do 9 more squats (or again, as much as you are physically capable of.) This time, push slightly at the end of each squat.



Final challenge. Go back into squatting position and PUSH as hard as you can for 20 seconds (without hurting yourself of course). No holding or anything.



Now we're at the end of the quiz. Are you still clean?



You're free to use the toilet now! Make sure you get there before it's too late... Or use your pants instead if you wish. What did you do?



Congrats! You made it through the quiz. I hope you enjoyed it. Did you? (doesn't matter towards the results of course)


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