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Do You Need The Toilet?

Do you need the toilet? This test will see if you need to! Will you wet or mess yourself?


How much do you need to pee?



How much do you need to Poop?



Imagine if this was you! I was walking home from school and I really needed a pee and poop and I was 30 minutes away from home and 30 minutes away from school.There were no public toilets ANYWHERE. So I finally gave up and let it all out. It felt so nice. My pants were full with stinky, squishy poop. My pants were also soaking wet and as I looked down it was wet. My eyes were closed the whole time. I opened my eyes...About 100 people were around me laughing and recording what have happened...I went on youtube and on #1 on trending was a video of me messing and wetting myself! IT HAD 100 MILLION VIEWS! I got home and my parents were laughing so hard. I walked in my room and diapers were everywhere! My parents said that you have to where diapers for another year! At school the next day I had no friends. Everyone, even the teachers were laughing and no one sat next to me. It was Christmas and all I got was diapers.. My life was over. How do you feel now?



OK no more stories! Here is a challenge...You have to sit on the toilet with your pants on with your fist in between your legs and relax completely. What happened?



Sit on the floor and spread your legs out and try not to let anything out. Relax. What happened?



DRINK 5 CUPS OF WATER!!! What Happened?



EAT SOMETHING! What happened



SIT ON THE TOILET WITH YOUR PANTS OFF! But DO NOT go. Relax all muscles. What happened



Did you mess or wet yourself?





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