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Blonde - An Escapee Blonde

A redhead, brunette, and blonde all escaped from prison and were running from the cops. They had finally been sighted in a small country side town, so the cops came to investigate.

When the redhead, brunette, and blonde spot the cops coming to look for them, they ran into a nearby farmhouse.

When they looked around each found a sack of potatoes to hide behind. They were big enough so that the cops couldn't see them. When the cops reached the barn they searched the entire place. Upon coming to the sack where the redhead was hiding behind, the cop kicked it.

The redhead started to bark like a dog. "Bark! Bark!"

The cops thought it was a dog and went to the next sack where the brunette was hiding. They kicked the sack and the brunette made the sound of a cat.

"Meow!" So the cops thought it was a cat.

They came upon the sack where the blonde was hiding and kicked it.

The blonde was found when the others were not. It was probably because after the cops kicked the bag she said,

"Potato! Potato!"

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