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Joke Title Rating
The Guru, The Rabbi, And The Lawyer 3.59
Blind Bunny, Meet Blind Snake 3.58
Four Surgeons 3.58
The Lawyer And The Genie 3.58
Lawyers Replacing Lab Rats 3.31
Lawyer Jokes 3.26
Lawyers And Hookers 3.11
Jury Duty 3.08
Feeling Great Officer! 3.07
Lawyer Questioning An Officer 3.07
What's The Different 2.87
Lawyer And Irs Agent 2.86
Bronze Rat 2.86
Sand Lawyer 2.82
What's The Difference.... 2.77
Lawyer And Sharks 2.75
Lawyer And Viagra 2.70
Cliffhanger 2.54
Drowning Lawyer 2.51
Drowning Lawyer 2.49
Biblical Lawyer 2.48
How Many Lawyers Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb? 1.85
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