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zombie apocalypse survival --1--

it is 2010 and it is apparent that zombies(the undead) are plauging your town/city/country could you survive hopefully this test will tell you


have you had firearm experience?.?



are you strong



have you had Field Survival training ??



do you have long hair



you are sittisng at home watching TV then the channel changes itself to the news you flick through the channels but all are news channels it seems that a zombie outbreak has occured and you MUST barricade your homes and sit it out you do ????



you leave your home in a hurry with your weapon you decide to take your car anyway and start driving to meet your friends some one you know is running from 2 zombies do you...



you hear something downstaris you investigate and find three zombies you quickley climb back up they now know your postion what do you do??? (for 1 or 2 people)



what number of group are you in or away to be in??



where is the first place you and your group are going to go??



you have arrived at your location what do you get??



you got your supplies you can see cars on the street outside do you take one or walk??



you now have supplies to last 2 months where will you go now to hold out ???



you have to walk because the vehicle you had ran out of petrol or because you were already walking a horde of zombies start chasing you and you dont want to waste ammo how long could you run???



you hold out for 1 and a half months until a helicopter can just be heard how do you get it to notic you ??


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