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what type of dragon are you?

hey this is my first test thingy and i hope you enjoy it i did my best for my first time makeing one


what color do u think suites your personality best out of these?



if you were walking down the street and u saw a hurt bunny what would you do out of this answers?



what would u do if u found 100 dollars?



your dog is going to die what do you do when your parent has to bring him or her to the vet to be put down?



if you could control any of these what one would it be?



what out of these animals do you think you are most alike?



whats your fave past time?out of these



what type of movies do you like?



what type of music do u like?



this does not count to the test its just a random question who do u think would win in a fight a lich or a vampire?


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