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Is he/she really your BFF?

Basically what this test is, is for you to figure out how loyal your bff actually is to you. I am not an expert on these things, but i hope the test will almost be 100% accurate, enjoy!


How often do you and your BFF talk (not text)



Does your BFF share any of your secrets with anyone else?



Does your BFF get jealous when you are around your other friends?



How often do you and your BFF hang out?



Does your BFF care about popularity?



What is your BFF's personality when you guys are together?



If you died how do you think your BFF would react?



If your bf/gf broke up with you how would your BFF react?



You just posted a selfie on insta, (if you don't have 1 pretend you do) what would your BFF comment?



Your 2 other friends are getting mad at you because they think that you started a terrible rumor about them even though you didn't. What does your BFF do?


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