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Would you survive a school lockdown?

This test will see if you are good enough to survive my movie school lock down? I am the creator of the school crush test with 12 questions.


You are in the music room. You hear from the intercom the word, "Lockdown", you head inside the closet like you did in the drill. Your teacher comes inside with his laptop. Now what do you do?



A gun shooter knocks on your door. What do you do?



Your music teacher finds a pipe. He says for all of you guys to go through the pipe and escape to find a safe place, and you do. Now, you are with your crush, your best friends, and best friends' crushes because for some reason you guys all meet at the same time. where do you go to hide?



If you choosed to hide in the attic, music room, outside, or the elevator. You are dead. Otherwise, you are safe. How did it go?



Let's just say you hid in the cafeteria, and you were able to enter the closet they have. You have two
weeks of supplies of survival there. What would you
do first? (If you are dead, you are back in the game again.)



You and your crush in your group are chosen to go find out what the killer is up to you. When you go to where the killer he is, he is teaching another adult how to kill people! What should you do?



If you choosed in the last question that you did ran away with your crush, did nothing, screamed, or ran in to attack them, you and your crush are dead. How did it go?



You go back to your fake lab, and you and your crush tell them what horrifying things you found out. Quickly, you find out that the gun shooter is mainly after you because they were giving out samples for sushi, but you did not want any! Your friends, there crushes, your crush, and you must take weapons with you. What do you take? You have weapons! (If you are dead, you are back in the test.)



You guys sneak to up to their "secret lab" in one of the classrooms, what do you do first?



In Question 8, if you choosed the third answer choice, you're dead. How did it go?



Now for question 9, if you ran in to attack or try to be as loud as you can, you're friends, there crushes, your crush, and you are all dead. How did it go this time?



You guys hear the gun shooters coming out of the room. So, you guys run back to "base". Then, your crush says she needs to speak you quickly and privately. What do you do then? (If you are dead, you are back in the game.)



When your crush reaches the spot, she tells you that she had a huge crush on you, and she is worried that we will all die. What do you tell her/him?



You guys go back to "base"! Once you do, you guys grab your weapons and are ready to attack the bad guys. Then, before you go, your crush kisses you. What is your reaction?



You guys run to the gun shooters, what do you do?



If you said answer 9 in the last question on the test, you are dead. If anything else, you survived. How did it go?



Then, the gun shooters attack! What now!



(If you are dead, you are back in the game!) You guys shoot at both of the gun shooters. They get hit. They take off their fake mask. Turns out, they were both substitutes you had before that were mean! They tell you they just hated kids and that you didn't try their sushi, so they came to kill everyone. They then, commit suicide. How do you feel?



The cops come and watch the video cameras in school to see what happened. Afterwards, they take any wounded kids to the hospital. Now, your school will be closed down for two weeks. You say good bye to your friends, then, it is just you and your crush. What now? (All of the answers are equal points except for one of the choices.)



Last question, did you enjoy this test/quiz/story? (does not affect the score on the test).


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