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Does He Like You Back

Every wonder whether if that English hottie likes you back, but he hasn't made a move yet? We have all had a fair share of shy boys in our life, so take this test, maybe he loves you and dreams about you but is afraid to ask you out or make a move because he is afraid that you won't like him back. Many guys will ask random girls out if they have some feelings for them and break up with them in a week. You're probably wondering why he stares at you 24/7 but won't make a move. If he really likes you, he wants to make sure you like him back and that it will be perfect. He doesn't want to ask you out in 8th grade and date you for a week. He wants things to last. So, give him some space. But in the meantime, answer the questions below!!!


Does he stare at you from afar?



Does he smile back at you when you make eye contact or look away quickly?



Does he eat lunch near you or happens to be around you?



Have you ever talked?



Has he ever asked to hang out?



Did he ever look like he was about to walk up to you and then stopped?



Has he followed you anywhere?



Has his friends ever looked at you when they were with him?



How much do you like him?



Do you think he likes you?


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