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will you survive my horror movie? >:)

Hello, it is I, apple! If you have taken the apple and orange quizzes then you'd know about us. if you don't know, then you do now. (btw orange is busy so its just me, apple)


Your friends ask if you want to go on vacation with them. They're going to a log cabin in Maine. What's your response?



So let's say you don't go. There's a news report stating that 4 teenagers were found dead in a log cabin in maine. There your friends. Do you...



Your at the funeral (its a closed casket one). You head to go to the bathroom. You pass a shadowy man grabs your arm and says" your next" You...



Let's say you scream. The man runs off and when everyone turns around your alone. they're all like; how rude, and you get escorted out. you...



Your at home and it's lightning out. Your still nervous about earlier and your all alone. You...



Lets say your in bed with the bedroom door locked and all means of entry blocked and double locked. You hear a noise downstairs. You...



you jump out the second story window un-injured. Your downtown. You...



your at the police station. what do you tell the cops?



the police don't believe you. do you...



this is it. its time to face the killer. just you and your last friend. You have the option to.



bonus question: how guilty are you feeling about the last question? (10 being guiltiest)


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