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Joke Title Rating
Labor Pains 3.79
Chu, Bu, And Fu 3.78
Lots Of Ducks In Heaven 3.71
New Job 3.69
Kid Vs God 3.69
Four Worms, Four Jars 3.66
At The Fair 3.63
The Muffin Joke 3.62
Panda: Look It Up. 3.59
Salesman 3.56
The Seven... 3.51
A Sign 3.35
Bad Golfer And Sky-diver 3.31
Hearing Aid 3.31
Texas Baby 3.24
Shingles 3.21
If Ancient Rome Had The Internet... 3.14
True Story 3.14
Good, Bad And Ugly 3.03
Green Man 2.91
Jailed Star 2.88
Left Arm 2.87
Mozart In His Coffin 2.87
Light A Fire 2.81
Milk 2.74
Snowman 2.73
Mexican Mayo 2.61
Piglet And Pooh 2.52
Duckshop 2.46
Ice Cream 2.45
Advice For Young Mothers 2.38
What Is It? 2.31
Booger 2.28
The Elephant And The Canary 2.25
Lollipop 2.18
[none] 2.13
Police Tummy 2.06
How To Hug 1.99
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