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Apocalypse Survival

Here's some back story. One day, in the near or perhaps distant future, you woke up and watched the morning news. It told you the typical political stuff, as well as an interesting story of a Chinese chemical plant that had exploded early in the morning, and breaking news related to NASA, although you didn't pay attention to that one. You finish eating breakfast, and go to do your job at 8:45. You are a worker at a history museum. You go downstairs to the fortified bunker basement and decide to have a nap on the job. You wake up some time later to noises that are loud even through the 2 ton metal doors. How long have you been sleeping? You look up at the clock, which is stuck at 2:12. The door won't budge so you activate the emergency power and get out of there. What do you find? Not a single person in the entire museum. The whole place is a mess. You walk outside, it's not night, but definitely not 2:12. You think about the news earlier and suddenly it dawns on you...the world has just come to an end. What will you do, how will you survive?


What's the first thing you do? You have a few options, do you...



You need something to defend yourself with, something basic. What is your choice melee weapon? Melee weapons can also be used as tools.



You have stumbled upon a Gun Shop, without using the internet, which handgun do you take? (Sorted by caliber)



What rifle do you take? (Sorted by caliber)



What shotgun do you take?



Do you take an SMG?



Do you take a Light Machine Gun?



Answer the following questions honestly. How strong are you? This is defined by your sheer ability to move heavy objects and hit with great force.



How good is your strength to body weight ratio? In other words how easily can you carry your own weight? This is best defined by the number of push ups you can do (assuming you are male)



How long can you run (not sprint) for without stopping? *Outside, NOT on a treadmill* (Be honest, most people will probably answer less than 5 minutes)



How intelligent are you when it comes to math and science? Very Intelligent is genius level, not just doing well in school.



On a scale of 1-5, how reasonable, and generally sane are you?



Which of the following is most valuable to you?



There are few people left, but enough to form groups. How many people do you want with you?



Are you at all racist?



Are you sexist or homophobic?



Now that the government and military has fallen, what is your plan in life?


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