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Would you survive a School Psycho?

You're trapped in a school, there is an evil killer on the loose, and you have the power to survive.


An announcment comes and you hear them say a killer is on the loose, and later with a blood-curtiling scream over the intercom. What do you do?



You're in the hall with a pair of scissors. You hear footsteps coming down from another hallway. You:



The person was your friend!



You come across the Library and enter. You're Librarian has been impaled by Garden Sheers. There are school equipment in front of you. You take:



You hear someone coming and you ran back to your class, and everyone is dead and cut up in side. Hopefully you have a strong stomach. The person who was following you is coming closer. You:



You didn't stab yourself even if you selected by that choice. You got away from the killer, he had your earlier friends head too. Where is you're destination?



You come across a teacher. She has NO IDEA what is going on, and she screams at you for being out of class, she has attracted the killer and he is coming from the teachers back.



You are Un-armed and at your destination. After about five minutes where you are someone opens the door. You:



You got away from the killer and get to a different room, a cell phone with just enough battery to make a call lies in front of you. Who do you call?



The police are here! YES! But they won't come in! How do get them to catch the killer?



The killer has found you! Quick think of something fast, you have no weapons so you apparantly can't attack with anything lethal. You:





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