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What's your weapon? (only girls)

Which weapon are you best suited for? Take this test to find out your weapon of choice. I mean, everyone wants a weapon, right? So what's yours?


When the battle begins, what's your war cry?



If you had to choose one animal symbol on your sheild, what would it be?



If we were stranded in a forest, what would you do first?



You're on a mission to save a lost girl stranded on an island. When you reach the island, you find out it's covered in mud and full of wild animals. What's your reaction?



You are waiting for your parents to pick you up from the mall, and suddenly this black automobile appears before you. A man rolls down the window and tells you he is related to your family. Do you go with him?



What books have you read that are based on weapons?



If you were to hack a lock - that's purely metal and cannot be smashed - in order to enter a secret room, what combinations would you think of?



What are your physical skills?



If you were in Percy Jackson, which character would you want to be?



If you had one super power for the day, what would it be?



If you were dying, what would your last words to your companions be?



Have you ever won any trophies?



Can you climb a tree?


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