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Could you harness the powers of magic?

This mostly tests your imagination and mental abilities. Because real magic isn't about waving a stick around and yelling pointless words or how spiritualy spiritfullness you are or how many muscles you can flex at once, or even how much you really, really, really want to use magic. Magical ability requires a sharp mind. The ability to imagine the effect you wish to create. Magic is not cast in spells but rather acts upon the will of your mind! Through mental ability you could shake the Earth!


Think about the answer before looking at the answers! Three guys walk up to the top of a tower. One jumps off, one steps of the edge and one falls off. They are all at the bottom of the tower and still alive. How (they are normal human beings, exclued magic)?



What do you do most in your spare time when none of your friends are around?



Why do you do what you do in the above answer?



If you got one wish, what would you wish for?



Do you even belive in magic?



Do you...



How is your life? Can you tell the difference between fact and fiction? How much do you think?



How intelligent are you (in order)?



Which of these powers would you choose?



Use your imagination! Which of the below best suits the sort of things you imagine.


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