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warrior cats what cat are you

this is how you know your warrior clan.Thunderclan the bold windclan the fast riverclan the stubborn shadowclan the proud skyclan the clever pleaz read the books theyre very good


you are a warrior in your clan enemy clan apprentices cross YOUR border what do you do



what sort of cat do you want as your mate



your clan leader asks to spy on another clan what do you do



you are asked to go to the gathering tonight after a long battle from all the clans a few nights ago



what sort of prey do you like



your mate died saving your clan how do you react



your apprentice has gone hunting with his friends but brought back no prey



your friend found tunnels to another clans territory what do you do



a loner queen and her 3 kits have joined your clan what are your thoughts



there is a huge dog living in your territory,your clan leader asks you to join the patrol to fight it of whats your reply



this is the last question how are you feeling(and if you answered 6 or 7 during the test you stink because i spent an hour and a half making this


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