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You will poop your pants

In this test I will ask you some questions and you will either finish the test clean or with a poop in your pants. You should need to poop before you start and once you answer the first question, you must not remove your clothing.


How bad do you need to go?



Imagine yourself being so desperate to poop that it slides out into your underwear. as you do this, push for 15 seconds.



sit on a chair and push for 20 seconds



sit on the toilet and push for 20 seconds but stop if you feel it coming



stand up straight and push for 15 seconds



squat down and push for 25 seconds without stopping



kneel down and push for 20 seconds



sit on the toilet and push as if you were pooping normally for 30 seconds do not stop it from coming out



squat down again but relax completely for 30 seconds



go onto your knees and stick your butt in the air and push hard for 25 seconds



these challenges will be slightly harder



stand up straight and push hard for 45 seconds



squat and push hard for 45 seconds



sit down and push hard for 50 seconds with a few short breaks in between



go into a squat but stop halfway (so you are bending your knees slightly) and lean forward. push for 45 seconds



lie flat on your stomach and push for a whole minute. if you feel it coming, feel free to stop



stay on your stomach and push for 60 seconds again but don't try to stop yourself from pooping your pants. you are however allowed to have a few short breaks so you don't hurt yourself



how clean are your pants?



if you chose one of the first two answers, some of the previous challenges will be repeated but if you feel it beginning to come out. push it out completely. now squat down and push for a minute. the rest of the rules from before still apply



stand up and push for a minute



last challenge: go into the half squat again and push for 90 seconds with short breaks



if you didn't poop, congratulations, you have finished the quiz. if you still need to poop (this applies to everyone) feel free to go to the toilet or if you want to, repeat one of the challenges until you poop your pants. if you pooped completely, feel free to clean up and have a shower. if you pooped somewhat, you can clean up but you can also repeat the challenges if you want.


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