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Am I fat?

I'm a 12 year old girl who is 5'11". I've been gaining weight, and I'm worried I'm fat. Please tell me what you think!


I am 5 feet 1 inch tall and I weight 117 pounds. I am...



My belly sticks out a bit and pokes through my shirt, so I always suck it in because I am embarassed... I am..



When I sit I have two big fat rolls on my belly. I am...



I have love handles and when I stand I have little back folds underneath my shoulder blades. I am..



I don't play sports... sometimes I run around and play with my friends but I get tired from running very fast. I am...



Usually when I'm not at school I sit almost all the time.. I like to draw and I also play minecraft on my computer and watch netflix sometimes. I am....



I don't eat fast food or anything unhealthy, but I have second helpings and breakfast and dinner, and I eat until I feel very full. I am...



I have dessert every night, usually a package of candy or a slice of cake or something. I really like eating sweets, so when it's a special occasion like my birthday I will have another piece of cake. I am.....



I'm the heaviest girl in my class but I'm as tall as everyone else... my classmates tease me for being pudgy and my bully says I am a big fat cow. I am...



I snack a lot throughout the day, usually a bag of chips or something like that. Am I...



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