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How nice,mean are you?

hi! welcome to the nice or naughty test. this test determines your nice rate by interviewing you with a list of real life scenarios with many accurate answers. choose answer according to your mentality/personality. thank you and goodluck!


What do you think of yourself? Are you nice or mean?



What do you family/friends think about your personality in terms of nice or mean?



If someone fell and dropped their things and you saw what would you do?



If you had to partner with someone that wasn't pleasing to you, what would you do? (pick which one which applies to you most)



If you saw someone getting hurt/abused(in any form)what would you do?( pick which one that suits you best)



If an elderly person asked you to transport something somewhere for them, what would you do? ( again, choose the one that applies to you most)



If two of your good friends are in a fight what would you do?



You are in a fast food place and the man in front is struggling to find coins to pay. what would you do?



If you were very busy with work etc. and a friend/co-worker ask for help with something, what would you do?



If a boy that you don't have feelings for ask to take you out/buy something for you, how would you react?


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