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Creepypasta/FNAF Crossover(idk)

Yo what's up. It's me,Death Wish or Funtime Wolfie. Sorry if I've been away for a bit. I'm going through a lot right now. I just lost a family member so yeah. And I'm getting ready for my black belt rec next month,my 11th birthday AND Thanksgiving. *gasps for air* Holy crap jeez. Okay now y'all are caught up with everything. Anyways enjoy this quiz UwU. BTW I'll be making more tests/quizzes after this month.


All: Welcome back!



Goldie: Okay so every FNAF character in this quiz is going to ask Creepypasta questions. Lazari: And every CP character is gonna ask FNAF questions! Speaking of which,who's your favorite FNAF character?



Me(FNAF ME): Okay...Who's your favorite CP character...



Dragone(another FNAF character I made up...): Hey, what's your personality for CP?



Liu: Personality for FNAF?



Shadow Bonnie: Who's the MOST popular CP character...



Me(FNAF ME): Which CP character had many games and a movie(s) made for it?



Liu: Who's the main antagonist of FNAF?



Springtrap: Who hates Jeff? Me(CP ME): Easiest question ever...



Me(FNAF ME): Hope you enjoyed this! Me(CP ME): Mhm...I'll talk to y'all later. Me(BOTH ME'S): Bye!!!!


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