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Which of my OCs are you?

This is a test mainly directed towards my friends as they already know most of my characters. This test will only be looking at OCs from the Spiritverse. Even if you randomly find this test, you are still welcome to take it, though you probably wont understand some of the inside jokes.


First question! If you had to pick a word to describe yourself, what would it be?



Great! Now, if you had to guess what your friends would describe you as, what would it be?



Fantastic! Final description question, bare with me here, what do you think your enemies would describe you as?



Okay, on to scenarios! Say a friend invited you to go out this weekend, but you really didn't want to go but you also didn't want to hurt their feelings. What do you say?



A big school dance is coming up and you really want to go with your crush. What do you do?



How do you prepare for a big test in school?



You just saw someone commit a crime! They haven't noticed you yet, what do you do?



What is your favorite color?



What do you value most in a friend/partner?



And finally, if you were stranded on an island and could only take one object, what would it be?


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