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Can you hold it? (messy)

This test will determine how well you can "hold it in" when you have to poop. Answer truthfully.


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Age range?



Have you ever messed yourself in the past?



If you have, how bad is it on average?



Imagine you're riding passenger in your friend's car. They're taking you home after a long and fun night. But you've been holding your poop the whole night. 5 Minutes from home, you realize you are about 20 seconds from losing it. What do you do?



You're at the beach, with a few friends. You've been suffering from cramps and constipation for 2 days now. While in the water, with no one else too close to you, you're overcome with an urge to go. You don't have long.



Still at the beach (unrelated to the last question), you volunteered to be buried in the sand up to the neck. Figuring it wouldn't be to hard to get out, you pass off the urge to poo. Once you get fully buried, your friends leave for ice cream, and leave u there as a joke. You struggle but can't get out fast enough without losing your suit and being naked. You're seconds away from pooing, what do you do?



You have to poo, and your s/o or best friend is in the only bathroom in the house, supposedly showering. You can't hold it any longer so you:



Sitting at your computer (phone, tv, whatever), you feel the urge to poo. Watching a very engaging show/video. You start to rly have to go, and begin to squirm in your seat. It's getting to be too much.



You're walking down a busy street in the middle of the day, holding it in. You're on the verge of an accident, and rush into the park. The park bathrooms have a bit of a line, but it's closer than your home is. You're 3rd in line, but quickly start to lose it.


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