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Take Test if you Have Suicide Thoughts!

Have you had suicide thoughts? This test will hopefully save lives. If you do have these thoughts, please take this test or call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


First, I want to know WHY you are taking this test.



Pour your feelings out. Really. I don't mind. (Or call 1-800-273-8255 for professional help)



(Does not Affect Test) Are you afraid to contact help from the suicide hotline? Please don't be, because they are there to help.



Why are you sad? Do you need any comfort?



(Advice, doesn't affect score) Remember, you are a human being that deserves to be heard. I made this test for you! If you still feel depressed or need help, please contact family or the suicide hotline. (Remember, they are there for a reason!)



Are you feeling really mad at someone right now, and feel like you can't deal with him/her?



(More Advice, Doesn't Affect Test) If you are really mad at someone, try not to hold in that grudge. Try to forget the person. Take it out on your pillow. Write it down. Eat a whole thing of ice cream, even. Whatever it takes for you to forget about those terrible, terrible things. And if things really get tough and you have suicide thoughts, please contact 1-800-273-8255 for help. Thanks, hope this help.



If you have any family members you trust, please tell them of any suicidal thoughts. They will try their best to help and this way you are talking to someone you know. Take it from someone who has had problems like this, never hold it in. Ever. (Btw does not affect test, just more friendly advice :) )



Has things such as drawing, writing your emotions down, or taking a walk ever help you out when you are feeling emotional pain?



I hope this helped you. :) Remember, suicide thoughts must be taken seriously. And if no one seems to care, remember; I care about these situations. I even had similar ones. Do NOT be afraid to contact help. Ever.


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