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Would you survive a school lockdown?

You are at school in Math and a lockdown starts it is not a drill theh say. you have not friends in your class. Sorry for my horrible spelling lol


You go to the bathroom during class.A lockdown starts.they say this is not a dri-"Than you hear a gunshot over the intercom and than hear a creepy noise."I'm coming for you"What will you do



Whatever you did you saw you best friend and crush together in the hall.They are just freaking out.What do you do?



You decided to hide.Where do you hide



you decide to hide.somewhere.if you didnt your alive if you did your alive. your crush leans towards you about to kiss you.What do you do



You get face to face with the killer. He is armed. He wants your dead grandma's bracelet that you have on. A what do you do



You finally get into a classroom no matter what you picked. If you gave it to the killer he shot you so your dead. If you gave the bracelet only tho.



Paris by the chain smokers starts playing you...



If you ran out your dead...R.I.P If you stayed your alive.The killer comes in and goes on a shooting spree.He shoots 60% of your class and your teacher.You and your best friend are the only people left what do you do



Your phone has only 1% left on it who do you call.



At the end the killer got arrested and is now in prison for life for murder.Your school gets closed for a year. what do you do


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