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Would you survive an alien armada 2

Guy that gave u do u like roblox, are you a good ewok and can you guess (clue in the name) just to say it's my first quizzes birthday in a few days. Anyway, when you flew the helicopter the aliens didn't actually leave the planet and you are wanted so it is very hard to survive...


You make a camp and decide to go on a scouting mission what do u take



After many months you decide to head to your old base but it is destroyed. What now



Your car (whatever it was ) finally ran out of fuel. Where and how do you get more



You are trying to make another base but you see that the area is full of aliens and they know you strategy ( whatever you picked in the last quiz) what do you do



You still have that helicopter do you look for survivors at the village or look for weapons at the army base



You end up going to where you picked and the one you didn't pick you saw on the way and there were none of both what do you do now



You find people at the military base but they are armed do you go or not



You had luck again and they were survivers but then a giant ship apears. What do you do



You ended up getting captured and get taken onto the ship ( not your typical green abducting aliens) and put in a prison. You see that you are to be executed. Now what do you do



The ship is attacked by the soldiers and they set you free. Now what


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