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Will you survive a school shooting?

This is a test to see if you could survive a school shooting


You hear an alert saying a shooter has just broke in. The speaker system goes static after the alert. Your teacher tells you and your classmates to hide but there is a window that is open nearby. What do you do?



You hear a scream then a gun shot on the other side of the school. You hear footsteps coming closer to you. Luckily, the janitor's room is right outside your door. You then_____



In the next room, you hear a gunshot and a scream of your friend. You then text her/him and you have no response. How do you react?



The shooter bursts in your door and shouts," WHERE IS (your name)?!" You then realize that the shooter is a close relative of yours. You_____



The shooter shoots randomly. Luckily, the bullets don't hit you. Unluckily, he goes to your siblings classroom( even if they are in another school/ have no siblings) and starts to shout your siblings name. What do you do?



The killer picks up your sibling and demands to know where you are. Your sibling says the location you are in. The shooter then finds you. What do you do?



The killer falls down but gets back up and shoots you. He misses any fatal spots but he got you in the leg.He runs out and gets caught by the police outside. You look outside to see your mom and dad being worried and crying.



You start to bleed a lot and lose consciousness. You wake up in a hospital. (if you didn't escape choose answer 1)



Depending on the situation, you survive.



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