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Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse, without dying?


Day 3 b.z.a: You heard at news that a army of zomibes is 40000 miles away from your city. What will you do?



Day 2 b.z.a: You found a safe place and your backpack. But it can hold 5 things. What is the first thing?



Second slot...?



After choosing the first two, you seen than rodents eat everything (not in the backpack). What to do now?



After choosing the third, your fridge exploded. What will you do now?



Day 1 b.z.a: You found a safe place, but your backpack is to large for the 5th slot. What do now?



1 hour b.z.a: You found three hide spots, but you need to choose only one.



1 day i.z.a: Your safe place's door broke. What to do?



Day 2 i.z.a: Zombies entered the middle of the city, and your hideout is 4 miles after. What to do?



SKIPPING TO Month 4 i.z.a: Your food and drink ended and the zombies are at the single shop that survived. What to do now?



SKIPPING TO Day 1825 (last) i.z.a: The zombies cornered now and your single weapon is a blade. What to do now?



Day 3 after apocalypse (a.a): Your home exploded. What to do now?



SKIPPING TO Year 7 a.a: You found another home and you live well with your family. Bye!


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