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Would You Survive a Yandere Attack?

A Yandere [Yan-dear-ee] is somebody with a sick obsession (called their 'Senpai'), and they'll go to serious matters to get his/her love


You are a Rival of Saki Sunderu, a Yandere at your school. You're talking to Senpai. You notice that she is looking at you, and has her hand on her back as if she is reacting for something. You-



After class, you're walking down the long hallway full of students. You hear screams and laughter behind you. You look back, and Saki is running AT YOU with a knife! You-



Saki keeps getting blocked by students. Now, the students are attempting to restrain Saki. Saki will eventually break free, this is your chance to run!



How scared are you so far (in the game)? (doesn't count)



Saki has broken loose! (If you stayed to help the students restrain Saki, you ran to the gym and you're safe). You find some other Rivals in the area you're hiding. You-



You're conversation is interrupted by Saki running up the steps/down the hall! You-



One of Saki's Rivals is Ota Yukko, your best friend. She trips behind you, and Saki attacks her! You-



The police will arrive in 30 minutes (lol). You have half an hour to get away from Saki. Are you still alive?



Saki then restrains you! She drags you over to a closet. She talks about how she wishes you karma (unless you're already dead), you reply-



The police then arrests Saki, and you're set with Senpai. You confess your love, and Senpai does too. What now? (does not count)



Are you satisfied? (does not count either)



Its you're 2cd year at high school. Saki is out of prison, and ready to come back for you!



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