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Would you survive a tornado?

This quiz will test you on your survival knowledge and ability to make tough decisions on the spot. It will tell you weather or not you would survive the severe storm known as the tornado!


You are watching TV when your phone beeps and you receive a text message. You go to your phone and read the text message, it says that there is a tornado forming 50miles north of you, what do you do?



You are leaving when you realise your car won't be fast enough to get you out of there in time, what car do you chose?



You drove like a maniac for 10 miles and your car runs out of fuel, what do you do?



Your car magically starts working again but then your friend trips back and gets sucked into the tornado that about 100 meters behind, what do you do?



You escaped the tornado but it's about a mile behind and gaining fast,Mehta do you do?



You found a shelter that is oddly empty and go inside. You set up your items and then do what?



The roof is suddenly torn off by a second tornado coming behind you, your other friend is crushed by part of the roof, what now?



You decide to stay and help your friend, suddenly, a piece of metal comes flying at you and you jump back, letting your friend be sucked into the tornado, what now?



You drive like a psychopath down the road, narrowly escaping the storm and reach a safe place underground. You are bleeding and can't get to the door, what do you do to get their attention?



You get their attention and make it inside, the tornado rips the door off and you are sucked out forced, to to hold on for dear to the other door. The nurses are sucked out and you are left to hold on, what now?


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