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Lockdown Before Lunch

You are at your school. The popular princesses are gossiping about your C grade from your difficult maths exam. Suddenly, you hear the lockdown bell. You know this is no drill.


You hear that familar bell. Third time this year. (You practise twice.a year). Today is a stormy Thursday. You do?



A large wolf breaks down the door. He has glowing red eyes and yells "I SHALL TAKE OVER, YOU IMMORTALS!!!"



The classroom's electricity breaks. Electric sparks dance around. The teacher says "Split up, but be careful!"



As you run, you/your group has some objects. They could be weapons! You pick.



I need a place to go. Where do you pick? 4 rooms are closest.



You go into the room. The wolf is running past. He passes you. Suddenly, he smashes the door.



You get scratched on your leg. You cry because it hurts.



The wolf descends into the ground, clouded in black smoke. He is going into hell! What you do?



A pure Snow White winged wolf appears. He says in a god-like voice "You get two free wishes each. Well done for conquering my arch-nominees!" He than fades.



Once you get to the classroom, the teacher lets you all have free time for the rest of the week. You?



The pop girls push you over.


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