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could you escape jail

escape jail the best you can no time to stand there like an idiot or take detours


You are trying to think of a way out when you find some chipped off concrete should you through it at the guard?



the guard is out cold you need to open the cell what should you do?



you are in a hall and you see a guard what do you do?



you get out side and there are spotlights everywhere you dodge most of them but one of them spots you what do you do?



you get to the gates but two guards are there what do you do?



the guards grab you and take you back inside what do you do?



you run and see that there are 4 cars in the parking lot which one do you take?



you are in the car and the guards are chasing you do you turn right or left?



you crash your car and the guards are gaining what do you do?



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