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Would you be a good babysitter?

Test wether you would make a good parent, babysitter or sibling! :)


You enter your aunty and uncle's house to visit and they ask you to take care of your little cousin, Kim, while they go shopping.



Kim says she is bored, you...



You are babysitting and Sephy (a four year old) Complains that she is hungry, you have...



You are taking care of two children and they refuse to go to bed, you



you are on your phone and decide to play musical statues with the kids, you play



The kid asks if he can play on your Iphone 5c your answer is



You are on your phone and feel a bit peckish so you go to get a bag of crisps, when you go back into the room you realise that the kid is on your phone, he has made 3 tweets on twitter saying 'dukfwgaecyhfluirfb' and posted 6 blurry selfies on to instagram.



The kids are in bed and you decide to indulge in some chocolate ice cream, next thing you know you hear little creaks of the stair floorboards, its Emmi, one of the 3 children, sobbing saying she had a nightmare. You...



When you are ready to leave the next day, the children start to cry because you are the'nicest babysitter ever' you...



Finally, their parents return home you



Finally, their parents return home you


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