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school lockdown. Would you survive?

There is a killer in your school, would you survive?


You are on your way to class when the PA system comes on and announces that there is a lockdown and it is not a drill. You:



Let's just say you go to the band class. You hear foot steps coming. You:



Now the killer has entered the band room. You:



Let's just say you snuck into the art room and the man followed you. There is a guitar, a chair, and a glass jar of paintbrushes in your reach. You:



Now you have escaped. Where do you go now?



Let's just say you go to the wood work class. What do you do now?



Now apparently you snuck through the gym and entered the home ec room. What do you go for?



Now you are in the drama room. What do you do there?



Now somehow, you end up in the same room with all your close friends, your crush, and his/her friends and the killer shows up blocking all possible safe exits. You:



Now you are all running down the hall and the killer is chasing you and getting closer. You:



The killer catches your crush and your best friend. You:



Now the killer catches you and tells you that he will grant you your last request. You:



Last thought before you get shot?


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