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Are you like tris in divergent

In the book divergent tris prior is considered divergent and she can't be controlled. Is your personality like tris's or not


You are in the aptitude test simulation and are surrounded by mirrors you



In your simulation you are offered two things bread and a knife what do you choose



A dog suddenly appears and tries to attack you what do you do



The dog is finally calm regardless if you stabbed it or not cause you have really bad aim and a little girl appears and the dog tries to attack her you...



The simulations end and your aptitude administrator tells you that your divergent and that your a threat and you can't be controlled you...



At the choosing ceremony you a
Are talking to jeneanne Matthews you...



You are up at the choosing bowls what faction do you choose



You realize that faction you chose doesn't really speak your language do you



You get in to the faction you want but there are former abnegation people in your new factor and the erudite said horrible stuff about them you...



You realize that the erudite turned dauntless into mind slaves you


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