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Are you nerdy?

Being a nerd is not that bad. Bill Gates and our current President Obama are all nerds. They rule the world! There is nothing wrong about being a nerd and in fact nerds are the most successful ones in our messed upped country! Instead of seeing nerds as social outcasts as how you see them now, they are really not what you think. There is nothing wrong about studying, you come to school to learn and have fun at the same time but don't forget your major purpose. Most nerds are just too shy to talk with the popular ones but once you get to know them they really aren't as antisocial as you think.


How many friends do you have?



What's your favorite subject at school?



What do you do on a Friday night?



Do you like math and science?



Do you like school



Do you watch alot of TV?



Do you like books?



Do you like socializing(talking to people?)



Do you play video games?



Do you play sports?


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