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Are you a true warrior?

Battle dragons, win glorious victories, have fun in feasts, are you a true warrior??


You are a newly recruited village guard, many epic adventures lie ahead, but first you must choose your weapon.



Now, with your weapon equipped we need to find you some armour. What do you prefer?



It is your first night. You are on patrol when you hear a creeking of boards and the opening of a door. Bandits! They are stealing from the granary! What do you do?



Later that day you are called in to the leaders hutt for a feast. What do you do?



You are offered a drink by a nice man, what do you choose?



At the end of the feast the leader calls for scilence. He turns to you and says that you have been promoted to hero! What title do you choose?



One day in a minor battle against bandits your weapon breaks. What do you do?



A dragon attacks your village! You are powerless and tired after your earlier battle! What do you do?



Despite your efforts, the village is destroyed! The few survivors drive you away for not protecting them. You protest but they refuse to let you stay in the remaining houses. What are your parting words?



You get ready to leave, you must pack fast. What do you pack?



You have been on the road for some time now. Your supplies are running low and so is your moral. One day you meet a traveling merchant who is fully stocked on food and drink and tools. What do you do?



You are on your way to a small village one say when suddenly you hear a powerful beating of wings. The dragon! It is back! It lands in front of you and roars. What do you do?



The dragon drops dead at your feet and word spreads across the land. Soon the king himself offers you a place in the capital. You accept and are soon appointed to your first task.
You must guard the front gate. What are your thoughts on this?



A spear head of cavalry comes riding in and tells you that an enemy army is approaching from the south! What do you do?



Night falls and the enemy are sighted! A few minuets later they have scaled the wall! What do you do?



The enemy are breaking through the gate! What do yo do?



They have broken through! You have to retreat!



Your men break into full retreat and the defence is lost! Retreat to the palace!



The battle is lost. Few if your men are alive and the king is badly wounded. What do you do as your final act?



Somehow you and your remaining team survived! Congratulations! What are your thoughts?


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