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The Are you a GAMEFREAK Test

These r questions from random video games

1) How much times do u play video games

All the time
Bout an hour
A few times a week
Hours all day long
Never video games are for losers

2) How many VideoGames do You Own

to many to count
10 or less

3) How did u do in the Mario quiz

Im Marios sidekick
I got a middle score
there is a mario test?
i didnt take the test yet

4) How much of these systems do u have in all

super nes

whats a nes
6or 5
only 1

5) Can u name every Mario an legend of Zelda game without having to check

No but I can name some of them
Now why the hell would I want to do that
I cant name any without checking
I can name other games by heart but not mario or link
Whos Mario

6) How much moneyhave u ever got from selling stuff to get money to buy a video game

less than 5
Havent sold anything

7) How long does it normaly take u to beat a video game

About a month
5min(Its possible)
a day
a week
Iv never beaten a video game
a year

8) Do u spend money on nothing but video games

No but most of it
I hardly spend money on games
I spend half of my money
None of my money goes to games they arent good enough

9) what do u do with a video game when u beat a video game

I start all over again
I sell it
I shove it in my closet and see it years later and maybe play it again
I never beat a video game

10) Have you made a guide for a video game

Yes and its a very good one
No but I have enough info to do one
I started but I never finished one
Why the hell would I waste my valuable time making somethin so retarted like a video game guide book only a retarted guy would do that

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Test by: 4 me [ edit ]

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