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How good at you in minecraft survival?

This quiz is about minecraft, on how you survive. Can you survive, or would you die in the first day?


You spawn for the first time in a random map. What would you do first?



You walking on the night exploring, suddently you see a creeper coming in your direction, what do you do ?



What shelter you would make, that could protect you from both, fire and monsters?



You're nearly death. You just fighted 3 zombies. You run to your shelter. In the way you see a spider and you need it string to make a fishing rod. What do you do?



This is a bad situation. You're digging in a mine. You place a tnt to make it deeper. When it explode's the cave starts being filled with lava. What do you do?



3 creepers blow up your shelter. You're in night. What would you do?



You decide to play survival with your friends. You and them spawn for the first time in a map. They want to start exploring with nothing, no weapons or tools. What would you do?



After long and hard work, you dig an massive cave. You plan on using it as a new shelter, and improve its defenses. What do you improve first?



Your friends decide together to go explore the other part of the map. The problem is that they want to leave everything behind and leave without tools or weapons. What would you say?



This is it. After days of hard work, you got a nice shelter, with alot of supplies, tools, weapons. You got many defenses. But suddently one day, an horde of zombies comes to attack you. Luckly you decided to build an vault to protect you. What would you do?


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