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Are the Cookies coming to get you?

have u ever looked at a cookie... and just wondered is it watching you sleep? does every member of its cookie family you eat make it angeryer well if so prepare for the epic muffen throwing, chinchilla flying, kitten assasen, and apple zombie adventer of your life:D


its your average day you get up get dressed and head down stairs... BUT your familys not there.D: what do you do?!



later that evening your still alone, the phone rings you...



you anwser the phone a strange voice tells u â we have taken your family â then they hang up. you...



day2 yer still alone. you get up and go in to your little sisters room cuz you miss her but you see something freakish!D: your kitten is throwing ninja stars at yer sis'es barbies! you...



then your kitteh shots a dart in your neck you black out the last thing you see is it walking toward u... when you awake your tied up you...



later fluffeh expains everything to you over a cup of tea. your kitten explains every thing to you: C.A.T has been a secrate copporation for many years they protect there owners from the zombie apples but later the cookies were sick of being eaten so they joined the the zombiie apples to kill the humans. fluffeh is there top aggent so they stole her owners family to get back at her. your reaction...



so you and your kitten decide to make a plan to get your family back you have to pick 3 groups of recrutes you pick...



you call the 3 things you want to recrute but the cookies have taken them! fluffeh suggests you and her go to the moutains to get the flying chinchillas! there fast powerful and intelagant! you say...



so you both stock up on supplys and head for the mountains! OH NO!!! the cookies are garding them! and there chocolate chip! so you make a plan your plan is



Sould i continue?(wont effect score)


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